Your personal wellness station

The ES-EL8A epilator offers the complete beauty care solution.

Perfectly smooth legs, well-groomed feet and healthy, clear skin: these are things every women wants. But there’s never enough time or money to visit the spa every weekend to make sure your skin is always looking as good as you want. There’s just too many obstacles keeping you away from the salon – so what’s a girl to do?

Epilation and peeling united in one device.

The Panasonic ES-EL8A epilator has a solution – and it’s simple! With our new women’s epilator the ES-EL8A, we’ve managed to combine multiple beauty care functions into one simple and easy to use product. How have we done it? Through clever technology and smart design.

Epilator Kit

Be well-groomed from head to toe.

The 6-in-1 epilator ES-EL8A is a complete beauty solution. This all-in-one unit offers skin care solutions from your head to your toes – it’s your own personal wellness station! You can use the epilator to trim, shave and epilate hairs. The epilator offers you an improved tweezing experience and an even more flexible oscillating head with a broader epilation surface. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it epilates your legs. What about a pedicure? No problem thanks to our easy to use pedicure attachment.

The already proven 2-fold epilation head system now has 60 tweezers, which have been optimized to reliably grasp every hair. If the first tweezer does not reach the hair, the second tweezer is sure to do the job – it works on hairs as small 0.5mm.

Epilator application: Great handling thanks to technical innovations.

The oscillating head can be swiveled 90 degrees and follows your natural body contours with ease. Hard to reach areas can be reached effectively. The sleek, handy design of the epilator gives you better control and agility.

Epilator on countertop

Get wellness for the home.

One of the most important steps in maintaining a great looking beard is making sure that it is properly oiled at all times. You’ll want to make a habit of applying beard oil every morning after you step out of the shower. Simply apply a dime sized amount of oil in your hand, rub it between your palms and finger tips and gently apply it to your beard as evenly as possible. For those who really care about getting the best possible result – consider using a brush on your beard after you’ve applied the beard oil. That way you will ensure the oils are evenly distributed.

Our all-rounder transforms your bathroom into a wellness temple – except that you do not need a whole wellness weekend here to relax and get great results. The 6-in-1 epilator ES-EL8A is an ideal beauty companion.