ES-LT3N 3-Blade Shaver

Pure Shaving Power

The Panasonic Arc3 ES-LT3N-S Wet/Dry Men’s Electric Razor combines pure shaving power with the gentle comfort and convenience of multi-blade shaver. A floating 3-blade system provides quick, smooth shaving while an advanced 3D multi-flex pivoting shavers head glides effortlessly over face, chin, jaw and neck. Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades, honed to an acute 30-degree angle cut whiskers more cleanly at the root. The 13,000 cpm fast, linear motor drive system eliminates the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower shaving machines and it also maintains peak power right up to the end of each battery charge. Plus, with its 100% washable, wet/dry electric shaver versatility, you can confidently use the Arc3 men’s shaver in the bath or shower, over the sink and on the go.

Additional Conveniences

  • Wet / Dry Convenience – Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave.
  • Multi-LED Indicator – LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity.
  • One-hour Charge for 45 Minute Use – Charge the shaver for 1 hour for 45 minutes of use, or use the 5-minute quick charge option when in a hurry.

ES-ST2N 3-Blade Shaver

A close and comfortable shave

Enjoy a closer, more comfortable shave with this powerful 3-blade rechargeable Panasonic shaver. The 3-blade cutting system includes precision-honed Nanotech blades with an acute 30° cutting edge to achieve a close shave. Comfortably shave any hard-to-reach areas with the multi-fit arch and floating head, or use the pop-up trimmer for detail work. An active shaving sensor automatically adjusts according to beard thickness to provide a smoother shave that’s gentle on the skin. An included carry holder and built-in travel lock switch protect the shaver for convenient storage and travel use.

Additional Conveniences

  • Travel Lock & Carry Holder – Built-in travel lock prevents accidental power turn-on when carrying the shaver.
  • Wet / Dry Convenience – Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave.
  • LED Display – LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity.
  • One-hour Charge for 50 Minute Use – Charge the shaver for 1 hour for 50 minutes of use, or use the 3-minute quick charge option when in a hurry.

ER-SC40K Premium Hair Clipper with Linear Motor

Experience the first non-professional hair clipper equipped with a professional-grade linear motor. With comb-shaped blades designed to capture more hairs in one stroke, this Japan-made Panasonic Hair Clipper provides a smooth, high performance cutting experience even for hard, dense hair. An ergonomic grip, 19 adjustable settings, and comb attachment make it easy to cut your hair in a wide variety of styles.

Before, the narrow space between conventional V-shaped blades would press hairs down before they could be cut. But now, there’s a wide space between the new comb-shaped blades, ensuring more hairs are captured in a single stroke. As with all hair clippers, ensure peak performance by replacing the blade when dull.

Additional Features

  • Washable Design – The waterproof design makes hygienic maintenance easy: simply remove the outer foil section and turn the clipper on and the vibration will help shake away debris.
  • Groom While Travelling – For grooming away from home, this clipper conveniently includes automatic universal voltage for international travel.
  • Travel Lock Switch – Maintain peace of mind while travelling with your clipper: the travel lock switch allows you to ensure power stays off until you’re ready to groom.

ER-SB40K Precision Trimmer with Linear Motor

Equipped with a patented linear motor, the ER-SB40K Panasonic Beard Trimmer quickly and comfortably grooms beards, mustaches, and hair. With an ergonomic, rubberized grip and 19 adjustable settings, this facial trimmer offers an improved cutting edge with sharp wide-tip blades to help lift, capture and cut even the unruliest hair.

Conventional blade tips are narrow, making it difficult to lift flat-lying whiskers. Now, these new blade tips are wider and capable of lifting more whiskers at once, even when curly or lying flat. Like all Panasonic trimmers, blades should be replaced when dull to ensure the best trimming performance.

Experience the first non-professional beard trimmer equipped with a patented linear motor, delivering the highest speed that Panasonic has ever delivered for home use beard and hair trimmers.

Additional Features

  • Trim While Travelling – For grooming away from home, this trimmer conveniently includes automatic universal voltage for international travel.
  • Maintain Optimum Performance – For optimal trimming results, use the included trimmer blade oil to lubricate the trimmer blade between uses.
ES-LL21 Shavers

ES-LL21 3-Blade Shaver

Powerful yet gentle to skin

Panasonic’s ES-LL21’s linear motor delivers premium cutting performance even on the thickest beards; whilst the shaving sensor technology takes care of your skin and minimises irritation. Panasonic ES-LL21 is the ideal tool for powerful, yet gentle to skin shaving.

Like all Panasonic trimmers, blades should be replaced when dull to ensure the best trimming performance.


Additional Conveniences

  • Washable – Waterproof design for easy and hygienic maintenance. You can rinse the shaver under running water.
  • Wet / Dry Operation – Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave.
  • Ergonomic Curve – Ergonomic designed unit enables shaving in the most natural position without placing strain on the elbow or wrist.
  • LED Display – LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity. Single charge takes one hour.
ES-SL41A-main Shavers

ES-SL41A Milano 3-blade shaver

Arc3 & Cordless Wet/Dry Operation

The Panasonic Milano men’s 3-blade wet-dry shaver is an excellent introduction to Panasonic wet dry shavers. Packed with smart, innovative features, the ESSL41A Arc 3 is a three blade shaving system equipped with durable, ultra-sharp nanotech blades, each honed to an acute 30 degree angle to cleanly cut whiskers at the base. An included AC charging stand keeps the Panasonic Arc 3 shaver powered and ready for the next shave. The ESSL41A also comes equipped with a pop-up trimmer and includes a carrying holder for quick, convenient storage at home and for travel.

Like all Panasonic shavers for men, blades and foil should be replaced when dull. Replacement accessories: Foil (WES9087CL), Blade (WES9068C).

ER-GB42K Trimmers

ER-GB42K Beard & Hair Trimmer

19 Length Settings & Cordless Wet/Dry Operation

The Panasonic Men’s Precision Cordless Beard and Hair Trimmer is designed to put you in control of your grooming routine. This precision cutting electric trimmer has an adjustable dial with 19, 0.5 millimeter settings — from 1-10 millimeters — so you can trim your hair to your desired length – using just a single comb attachment. Use the comb attachment to raise your flattened hairs for a clean cutting trim or snap off the comb attachment to use as a body groomer, to get a close trim on your chest and arms.

This cordless hair trimmer is 100% waterproof and rechargeable so you have the convenience of trimming anywhere, even in the shower. It features a sleek masculine design with a rubberized grip for maximum comfort and control. It also includes a compact charging / storing stand that illuminates while charging and fits neatly in your luggage when travelling.


Additional Conveniences

  • Matching AC Charger – Keep your beard trimmer powered and ready for the next trim with an included, matching AC charging/storage stand.
  • Take It With You – For grooming away from home, the moustache trimmer, comb attachment and charging/storage stand fit easily into bags and luggage.
  • Long Battery Life – Charges in only an hour to provide up to 50 minutes of continuous, cordless power
ES-RT77 Shavers

ES-RT77S Shaver & Trimmer Combo

Outstanding Clean Cutting System

Shave and trim your stubble with Panasonic’s versatile 3-blade shaver and trimmer combo. This dual purpose shaver offers the best of the shaver and trimmer experience but without the hassle of using multiple tools. Use its Japanese blade cutting system and 30° edge blades for an incredibly close and smooth cutting shave. Or, fasten the trimmer attachment and choose from 5 length settings to trim your stubble for a more rugged look. You can even detail your moustache and sideburns with the shaver’s precision cutting pop-up trimmer. This sleek 2-in-1 shaver also features a premium stainless steel design, Li-Ion battery and blue LED display!


Additional Conveniences

  • 5 Stage LED meter – The ES-RT77’s LED indicator let’s you know when your shavers need to be charged
  • Pop-Up Trimmer – A precision pop-up trimmer allows for quick pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming
  • Long Battery Life – Charges in only an hour to provide up to 50 minutes of continuous, cordless power


Shaver collage Technology

The Evolution of Shaving

From the first moving blades to Beard Sensor Technology

At Panasonic we are proud of the legacy of innovation we have brought to the world of electric shavers. Since 1955, we have been leading the charge in bringing new and exciting features to make your shave even better. But, as we release our most innovative shavers yet, we think it’s worthwhile to look back at our own history and the role Panasonic has played in developing some of the world’s finest electric shavers!

Shaving history

The golden idea

Prior to the invention of the electric shaver, men had been shaving with straight razors, a costly and potentially painful method of removing facial hair. It was only after the invention of the rotating motor in 1931 that the first electric shavers finally entered the market. These shavers were a huge step forward, but they were almost unrecognizable to the shavers we use today. They were clunky, corded, dull and quite frankly – ugly. That is, until Panasonic got involved.

In the mid-1950s, Panasonic launched its first electric shavers. Our first innovation was to use centuries of Japanese sword making technology and apply it to our electric shaver blades. Where most shavers were using common steel, Panasonic made its shaver blades from Yasukihagane stainless steel – steel that was famously used for centuries to make Samurai swords. By 1981 we had launched our first water resistant electric shaver and in 1991 we were one of the first companies to release the 2-blade shaver (an early pre-cursor to our new 5-blade shavers).

In 1995, we blew our competition out of the water by launching the world’s first linear motor shaver. This shaver was capable of delivering thousands of strokes per minute and delivered un-precedented performance. But that wasn’t enough, in 2002 we released the world’s sharpest razor – featuring 30° inner-blades and a pivoting head. By 2011 we had launched a series of 5-blade shavers that delivered an even closer and more comfortable shaving experience and in 2015 we pioneered 3D suspension in our pivoting heads – allowing you to shave forwards and back, up and down and left-to right.

What’s Next?

Panasonic has made a lot of progress towards perfecting shaving, but we’re not done yet. Our next step is to bring the world of shaving together with the world of smart technology to create the world’s first smart shavers! Our newest 5-blade models feature automatic beard sensor technology, biometric safety locks and 5D pivoting heads. We’re incorporating sensor technology into our razors in a way that will revolutionize shaving. So throw out your old pre-historic shavers and invest in a new Panasonic shaver, because we are investing in the future and together we will bring shaving into the 21st century.

To view the evolution of Panasonic’s shavers, check out the image gallery below and marvel and just how far we have come!