Multi-Flex Pivoting Head Technology

Experience a New Way to Shave

Close, Personal Shave with Panasonic’s Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

Close your eyes for a second and imagine a world where your shaver is actually capable of reaching every spot on your face without difficulty. No more craning your neck in impossible directions to get that last bit of hair underneath your chin. No more patchy beards and razor burns at awkward angles. We’re talking about a world where your shaver is actually capable of following the contours of your face. A world where your shaver did what it was meant to do; deliver the perfect shave, every time. Can you picture it? Well open your eyes and behold Panasonic’s newest innovation in shaving technology, the 5D multi-flex pivoting head.

What’s so special?

Since 2013, Panasonic has been pioneering the fight to bring you a more reactive and responsive shaver. In 2013 we launched our first pivoting head shaver that was capable of moving from left to right as well as forwards and backwards. It was a big innovation, but we weren’t satisfied. While some competitors are still only offering two dimensional shaving, we have been innovating and striving to bring you even greater responsiveness.

Unlike other shavers that can only move in one or two directions, Panasonic’s new Multi-Flex 5D pivoting head is designed to move in five directions. So: not only does it move up and down, right and left, forwards and back, but it is also capable of twisting and sliding, giving you ten total ranges of movement. It is so flexible and responsive to your touch that it is one of the only shavers in the world that can truly claim to follow the contours of your face. Combine this with the fact that Panasonic already produces some of the world’s sharpest and most precise shaver blades, and you have a shaver that is capable of delivering a silky smooth finish every time.

Pivot head - How it works

What does it do for me?

No matter how uneven the area or how impossible the angle, this shaver stays close to your skin. You’ll feel the difference, when you are shaving difficult areas like under your chin. And you’ll also feel the difference when in a single stroke you can pull the shaver from your cheek all the way down to your neck, without any patchiness. It means you’re a finally able to get the close, contoured shave you deserve.

To experience Panasonic new 5D Pivoting Head Technology in action, visit and check out the ES-LV9Q – Panasonic newest 5-Blade Shaver.

Smart Tech Shavers Technology

Bringing Smart Technology to Your Shaving Routine

Shaving can be a chore. We’ve all been through this scenario before. You’re running late for work and you’re desperately trying to shave away your morning stubble, only to find out that your thick, unruly hair is refusing to co-operate. So what do you do? Do you leave home with a patchy beard, or do you stay behind, and risk being even later.

These aren’t questions you should be asking yourself. You’re shaver should be better. Fortunately for you, Panasonic is taking the next step in shaving technology, so you won’t have to worry about these questions ever again. With our latest premium shaver ES-LV9Q, we have combined the Japanese tradition of precision blade technology with new state-of-the-art sensor technology.

Never Miss a Hair

The first thing you should know is that, this is not your ordinary shaver. Our new 5-blade electric shaver has been built with some of the world’s most advanced sensor technology to provide you the perfect shave. Thanks to Panasonics intelligent beard sensor technology, this shaver is smart enough to automatically detect the thickness of your beard as it glides across your skin. Where most shavers are only capable of delivering full power – our shaver is in constant conversation with your beard so that it understands exactly how much power is needed. When necessary it can deliver up to 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute – making it the world’s fastest shaver – but it knows that this is only necessary when your hair is thick and unruly. Instead, the shaver is constantly adjusting its power setting to match your beard density.

This is a big advantage, especially in challenging places like your neck and chin where you beard hair tends to grow wild. If your hair is out of control in these areas, the shaver simply adjusts power to make sure that every hair is cut at the root. You don’t have to worry about changing directions or re-shaving your most difficult areas, as it will all be cut in a single – intelligent stroke.

Smart and automatically active

Our smart sensors can do even more. We’ve made our premium devices so smart that they automatically know whether they should shave or not. The “Smart Lock” feature on our new ES-LV9Q shaver can automatically detect when you are holding it. This shaver only unlocks when it is in your hands and it instantly turns off when you set it down. You’ll never have to worry about your shaver turning on in your luggage again, as it only responds to human touch.

Take your shaving routine to the 21st century with Panasonic’s all new smart technology shavers. To pick up your own smart shaver, visit and check out the ES-LV9Q shaver.

ES-LV9Q Shavers

ES-LV9Q – 5-Blade Shaver with 5D Pivoting Head

Introducing Panasonic’s most advanced shaver yet, the ES-LV9Q is a next generation shaver for the distinguished gentleman, who loves having a smooth, clean shave everyday. Featuring 5 ultra precise shaving blades, a highly responsive 5D pivoting head and a powerful 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, the ES-lV9Q provides supreme closeness and unbeatable results.

Infused with advanced sensor technology, the ES-LV9Q is Panasonic’s smartest shaver to date. It features a bio-metric controlled safety lock that only respondes to human touch, and advanced beard sensor technology that automatically detects your stubbles thickness and adjusts mid-shave. This ultra-smart shaver will provide you the smooth cutting shave you deserve.

Like all Panasonic shavers, blades should be replaced when dull to ensure the best shaving performance.

ES-LV9Q kit

Additional Conveniences

  • Multi-LED Indicator – The ES-LV9Q’s LED indicator let’s you know when your shavers need to be charged
  • Pop-Up Trimmer – A precision pop-up trimmer allows for quick pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming
  • Long Battery Life – Feauturing 45 minutes of cordless usage on one hour of charge time.