Summer Styling Tutorials

Looking for some sleek, defined hair and beard styles that you can create and maintain on your own? Pick up the ER-SB40 Precision Trimmer or the ER-SC40 Premium Hair Clipper and try out the Defined Goatee with Soul Patch, Long Stubble, or Pompadour looks.

Defined Goatee with Soul Patch

The Look: Featuring well-defined, angled lines around the mouth, this style adds a triangle-shaped soul patch to your goatee for a modern, polished look.

The Tool: ER-SB40 Precision Trimmer

The Steps: 

Long Stubble

The Look: Long stubble is perfect whether you’re going for a classy elegant look or a casual, cool style. Fading where the sideburns meet the hair and beard provides a natural finish.

The Tool: ER-SB40 Precision Trimmer

The Steps: 


The Look: The pompadour provides a masculine yet smart appearance. When hair grows just a little longer, the style is lost—so here is a fading technique you can use when you need to cut hair that has grown too long on the sides and at the nape of the neck.

The Tool: ER-SC40 Premium Hair Clipper

The Steps: 


ER-SC40K Premium Hair Clipper with Linear Motor

Experience the first non-professional hair clipper equipped with a professional-grade linear motor. With comb-shaped blades designed to capture more hairs in one stroke, this Japan-made Panasonic Hair Clipper provides a smooth, high performance cutting experience even for hard, dense hair. An ergonomic grip, 19 adjustable settings, and comb attachment make it easy to cut your hair in a wide variety of styles.

Before, the narrow space between conventional V-shaped blades would press hairs down before they could be cut. But now, there’s a wide space between the new comb-shaped blades, ensuring more hairs are captured in a single stroke. As with all hair clippers, ensure peak performance by replacing the blade when dull.

Additional Features

  • Washable Design – The waterproof design makes hygienic maintenance easy: simply remove the outer foil section and turn the clipper on and the vibration will help shake away debris.
  • Groom While Travelling – For grooming away from home, this clipper conveniently includes automatic universal voltage for international travel.
  • Travel Lock Switch – Maintain peace of mind while travelling with your clipper: the travel lock switch allows you to ensure power stays off until you’re ready to groom.