Autumn Scene Styling

A fall guide for the modern man

Fall is the most beautiful time of year. Whether it’s the changing of the leaves, the Halloween decorations, or the start of hockey season – there are a lot of things to be grateful for! Not the least of which is the opportunity to finally wear comfy sweaters again and to grow out your magnificent fall beard. As the fall season is now fully in swing, we’ve put together a fall guide for the modern man that brings you all the essentials you will need to sport this season like a pro.

The outfit: the streamlined parka

Fall doesn’t just have to be about hand-me down flannel or bulky pea coats. This year why not expand your horizons with a chic rain proof parka. It’s functional for rainy days and cold nights, but it doesn’t compromise on style. We recommend finding a parka with a smart, slim cut. Look for one with medium weight, weatherproof material and detachable fur trim on the hood for extra practicality.

The Drink: Bourbon Cough Syrup

Forget lattes, hot chocolate and ciders. We’ve concocted a recipe that will meet all of your chilly November night needs. Part cocktail, part fall cold remedy, our Bourbon Cough Syrup will make any chilly night feel magical. It is a simple evolution of the honey and ginger tea, and the recipe is very easy: hot water, lemon, honey and fresh ginger. But this time add a shot of bourbon!

The destination: Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is not a popular tourist destination in the fall. But somehow it makes it even better: fewer people, lower prices, but the same rough and enormous natural beauty. Sure, the nights are long. But this is the best way to see two of Iceland’s main attractions: the Northern Lights and the nightlife made famous by the incomparable Björk.

The look: the fall beard

A full beard or 3-day stubble is definitely a key part of the fall look. No matter how you wear your facial hair this season, you’ll always be perfectly styled with our Panasonic beard trimmers and shavers. Our ES-LL21K hybrid beard groomer will give you all the tools you need to craft the perfectly styled fall beard!


Men Also Need Beauty Care Products

Skin and Beard Care – How to do it right

Great beards don’t happen by accident. If you see a man whose beards looks flawless and healthy, it’s because he’s put in the time to make sure it looks that way. So far on Shave like a Pro, we’ve walked you through how to choose and style your perfect beard. We’ve taught you the tools you need to keep your beard looking professional at all times. Now there’s only one ingredient missing – the maintenance regime. We’ve broken down your weekly maintenance routine into three easy steps that will leave your beard looking amazing!

Trimmer Graphic

Beard Oil

One of the most important steps in maintaining a great looking beard is making sure that it is properly oiled at all times. You’ll want to make a habit of applying beard oil every morning after you step out of the shower. Simply apply a dime sized amount of oil in your hand, rub it between your palms and finger tips and gently apply it to your beard as evenly as possible. For those who really care about getting the best possible result – consider using a brush on your beard after you’ve applied the beard oil. That way you will ensure the oils are evenly distributed.

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Comb your Beard!

The next of your daily beard care steps is combing! Brushing has several benefits – it distributes oils evenly across your beard and it helps you maintain the natural beauty of you beard by training it hang the way you want! If you brush before a shower, you will loosen up dead skin, hair and debris from your beard. This makes it easier to wash out. Remember – never use cheap plastic combs on your beard – they will damage your beard over the long run. Instead pay a little extra for a high quality wooden or metal comb with polished teeth.

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Keep it Clean

Finally, make sure you keep your beard clean! As great as beards look, they have a bad habit of getting overly oily and of picking up stray food. If you have a medium length beard or longer, you’ll want to make a habit of conditioning your beard everyday and washing your beard twice a week with a special beard wash. Specialized beard washes tend to be gentler on your skin and beard and they strip less of your natural beard oils. Avoid choosing shampoos that are heavily scented or that feature Formaldehyde and Alcohol.

Beard Styling Trimmers

Style like a pro with Panasonic’s 3-in-1 Shaving Trimmer

Look good on and off the field.

Beard styling is an essential part of the modern-man’s DNA. Across the country, Canadian men are letting their beards grow. And it’s no wonder; the beard is an essential expression of individuality and self-confidence. But you can’t just let your beard hair grow. Good beard care and a modern style are essential. Here at Panasonic, we’ve put together a step-by-step styling guide for three beard styles that will have you looking your best!

The Chinstrap: Beard for an Independent Style

What distinguishes this beard style is its individuality. Decide for yourself how wide you want the hair along your jaw line. The thing about the Chinstrap is that it works well in combination with other beard styles. Often the Chinstrap appears together with the goatee. The Chinstrap works particularly well for men with angular facial features and for men with dark, short hair. It also helps if you can grow a thick beard.

As good as the Chinstrap can look, it’s important to know that it only works with proper care. The hair on the chin and cheeks has to be washed regularly. In addition to the normal morning care, you should cut the beard at regular intervals. Daily trimming of the sideburns ensures a uniform look. Have we piqued your interest? In our video we show you how to shape the chinstrap with our 3-in-1 shaving trimmer. Use the 3-in-1 to turn your bathroom into a barbershop!

The Balbo: Look Fashionable and Suave

The Balbo has always been one of the most fashionable beards for young men. The first ingredient is the Chinstrap. In addition you will have to grow a thin mustache. A Goatee is finally added to help the Balbo to its full splendor. An accomplished Balbo is reminiscent of a triangle. Its triangular shape suits round and angular faces equally well. Since it represents a reduced version of a full beard, growing out a medium length beard is a prerequisite here. The Balbo gives the wearer the aura of an ambitious adventurer, artist and romantic.

Before you can wear a Balbo, you need to be patient: start by growing a beard. Styling a Balbo requires some finesse, as you will have to trim the fine areas around mouth to capture the full look. Finally, trim the hair on the chin at regular intervals with your trimmer to maintain the Balbo’s shape. Styling and maintain a Balbo will require a precision shaver as well as a good beard trimmer- or you can simply choose our 3-in-1 Shaving trimmer, which combines both of these functions. Watch the video on how to create a Balbo in combination with a Goatee.

The Beard: For the patient man

The full beard is the king of all beards and is a timeless classic. But it also requires regular maintenance. The full beard is nice and tasteful if it has clearly recognizable contours and is cut evenly. The full beard works best on men with angular and sharp features, as it makes the face look rounder. It goes without saying that this beard does not work unless you can grow a thick beard. Anyone who has patchy spots or thin beard hair should opt for a different style.

If you want to wear a full beard, be patient, you’ll have to grow your hair for at least four to six weeks. That’s how long it takes for the whiskers to reach the right length. Do not shave it during this time! If you have to, trim the straggly hairs, but try to maintain the length. If the hair is long and thick enough, you can start giving it contours. Comb the beard daily and use beard oil to avoid itching. To maintain the perfect shape, make you sure you are continuously trimming your beard. With our 3-in-1 shaving trimmer you can customize the beard as much as you want! Look your best with the 3-in-1 shaving trimmer!

To start styling your beard today, pick up Panasonic’s 3-in-1 Shaving trimmer at or