Summer Styling Tutorials

Looking for some sleek, defined hair and beard styles that you can create and maintain on your own? Pick up ...
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Autumn Scene

A fall guide for the modern man

Fall is the most beautiful time of year. Whether it’s the changing of the leaves, the Halloween decorations, or the ...
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Hybrid Shaver Style Guide

Men’s Hybrid Shaver Style Guide

Close shave, effortless trim OveBeard styling is becoming increasingly popular. Now there’s a new Panasonic hybrid shave designed specifically for ...
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Men’s Grooming Essentials

One thing that you shouldn’t let slide is your grooming routine. A splash of cold water and a blast of ...
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Self Styling Guidebook

Men’s Self Styling Guide Book

How to Capture the Perfect Beard and Hairstyle from Home. You don’t always need to visit a barber to capture ...
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Men Also Need Beauty Care Products

Skin and Beard Care – How to do it right Great beards don’t happen by accident. If you see a ...
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Choose the Rights Tool to Be your Own Barber

You’re three Tools away from Being your own Barber Everyone loves a trip to the barber right? You come out ...
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Long Bear Main

Long Beard Styling for the Modern Man

How to Create a Stylish Long Beard Over the past few years, we here at Panasonic have been noticing a ...
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Manscaping Main

Manscaping. How DIY Grooming Saves Men Money.

Professional hair removal at home. Use Panasonic Trimmer’s for salon quality grooming. Let’s take a moment to talk about your grooming ...
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Panasonic Self-Styling: Sporty

Hair: Buzz Cut With this style, you are ready for action -- on the field or off! Ultimately sleek, this ...
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