Panasonic Self-Styling: Sporty

Hair: Buzz Cut

With this style, you are ready for action — on the field or off! Ultimately sleek, this cut is the perfect complement to a sporty look!

Beard: Moustache and Goatee

Carefully sculpted facial hair adds an elegant twist

Clothes: Sporty

Baseball stars have been leading the way in this style, which is characterized by understated urbanity. Combine athletic and training wear with simple jackets, t-shirts, sweat shirts, denim, and chinos. Restrained, simple hues are at the core of the look, but you won’t hit a foul ball for throwing on a shirt or accessory that pops with colour.

Hair | Buzz Cut | 5 Steps

Dividing the head into zones helps gives this cut a uniform look.

Beard | Moustache and Goatee | 5 Steps

Detailed trimming is the key to this style. No attachment, blade only.