Japanese Blade Technology

Shaver Blades Crafted for Precision: Discover Japanese Blade Technology.

Shave like a Pro with ultra-sharp shaver blades inspired by Ancient Japanese Sword-Making Tradition.

You probably know what you want out of a shaver. It’s obvious isn’t it? You know that a proper shaver has to be strong enough to cut through your most unruly hair. It has to flexible enough to contour to the natural shape of your face, and it has to be capable of delivering a smooth even finish, every time. Your shaver has to be durable, sleek and most importantly, it has to be precise.

Being an avid baseball fan, you might already know that Panasonic produces some of the most durable, sleek and precise shavers on the market. But what you probably don’t know is just how much craftsmanship goes in to producing every single shaver blade.

Japanese Sword Maker

Enter Japanese Sword Crafting Tradition

Panasonic takes your shaving experience seriously. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the craftsmanship applied to every single razor blade. Relying on the knowledge of ancient Japanese sword craft, each Panasonic shaver blade is crafted from traditional Yasuki Hagane steel – the same steel used for centuries to manufacture Samurai swords. Each blade is hammered repeatedly to strengthen for a powerful cutting performance and long life. The steel is then heated to precisely the right temperature to become harder, yet more flexible for an amazingly gentle shave that follows the natural contours of the face.

As the finishing touch, the blade is sharpened to an acute 30 degree angle and nano-polished to provide swift, clean cutting strokes for an incredibly close shave the minimizes irritation. Every blade is hand inspected for perfection, and delivers the quality of performance that can only be achieved by techniques that have been refined for over 1,000 years. We call this art “Japanese Blade Technology.”


The Ultimate Precision Shaving Experience

Next time you are using a Panasonic shaver to clean away your stubble, or shape your magnificent beard; stop for a second to admire how much art, tradition and technique is put into delivering your precision shaving experience! Think about how your shaver blade is crafted from the same steel as Japanese Samurai swords. Think about how each blade is hand-inspected for perfection and nano-polished to provide a smooth and lasting shave. When you are done thinking about that, congratulate yourself for being a selective and discerning baseball fan who knows a quality shaver when he sees it.

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