Senstive Area Attachement

Sensitive Area Attachment

Let’s run through a scenario, shall we? Imagine you’re getting ready for a big date. You’ve got your trusty disposable razor in hand. You’ve already shaved your face, your neck and your shoulders. And now you’re starting to move down south. Should be fine right?

Let’s just stop here, we all know what comes next. When it comes to shaving sensitive areas, your regular disposable style blade and even your standard electric razor just won’t do the trick. These tools aren’t built for navigating your hard to reach areas, and they are especially not built for shaving areas where a nick or razor burn can cause… let’s just say… a whole lot of discomfort.

When it comes to trimming your chest, armpits and your groin area, you need a tool that is specially designed to handle the job. Fortunately, Panasonic has created just that tool. The sensitive area attachment featured on Panasonic’s Slim Line Body Groomer is specially designed to trim your most sensitive and hard to reach areas, without the risk of razor burn or cuts.

Unlike your traditional disposable razor; with Panasonic’s sensitive area attachment, the blade is never in direct contact with the skin. This makes receiving nicks and razor burns impossible! The razor’s ergonomic I-shaped handle is also much easier to use than your traditional electric shaver. Where most electric shavers struggle to navigate the curves of your most hard to reach areas (i.e. armpits, groin etc.) the Slim Line Body Groomer’s narrow, vertical blade can reach these areas with ease. The shaver also offers more versatility compared to your traditional shaving tools. It can trim as close as 0.1mm with the straight blade, and 2.0mm with the sensitive attachment (always recommended for the groin area) providing an ultra-smooth, soft shave. But, it can also trim at 3mm and 6mm, so you can decide just how much body hair you want to leave behind.

Take the fear out of manscaping! With the sensitive area attachment on Panasonic’s Slim Line Body Groomer (ER-GK60S), you’ll never have to worry about razor burn in your sensitive areas again! To get your own Slim Line Body Groomer, visit today!