Nose Hair Trimming

Nose hair trimming made simple and painless

We all know what happens when you forget to trim your nose hair. Left ignored, your nose hairs can grow long enough that they start making appearances at the most inopportune time. Just imagine being on a first date and your unattended nose hairs decide to make a dinner time cameo. Your date may be too polite to mention it, but odds are they’ve noticed.

No one ever sits us down to teach us proper nose hair maintenance. But, luckily for you, we have a few simple lessons that will help you prevent your next nose hair faux-pas.

Never Pluck your Nose Hairs!

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what your nose hairs do. Aside from being an incredible inconvenience during dinner dates, nose hairs actually serve a vital function in protecting your body from sickness. Your nose is in essence a vacuum that sucks up dirt and dust, your nose hairs serve as filtration system, protecting your body from infection. So, first things first: never pluck your nose hairs!

Nose Hair Trimmer

Don’t Worry about Length, let the Trimmer do its Job.

If you want to eliminate embarrassing nose hair moments, the only solution is to invest in a quality nose hair trimmer. Trimmers eliminate the risk of depleting your nose of valuable dust and particle filters. Instead, they are designed to trim to a standard length that keeps the hairs tucked away, while preserving their function. Don’t worry about how long the hairs should be, just let the trimmer do its job.

Trim Once Every Week for Proper Nose Hair Maintenance

How often you should trim varies from person to person. But, there’s no harm in using your trimmer once every week or two. After all, it can’t trim things any shorter than it’s designed to do. If after trimming you still find that you have a few stray hairs sticking outside of your nose, then feel free to pluck. Any hair that is sticking out of your nose after a thorough trim simply isn’t doing the job of filtering dust and dirt. It is however killing your dating game, so pluck away!


Pick a Trimmer that Works for You

Now that you know everything there is to know about nose hair trimming, the next step is to choose the trimmer that works best for you. Ideally you want to choose the trimmer that offers the best performance and versatility for your money. Panasonic’s ER-GN30K is an excellent choice. Panasonic’s waterproof nose and ear hair trimmer features an easy to use ergonomic design and long battery life. Its dual-edge blade cutting system makes grooming quick and efficient. It can be used in shower or dry, it features an easy to use cleaning system. And it can even be used to trim your ear hair and detail your eyebrows. So there you have it. With Panasonic’s ER-GN30K nose hair trimmer, you can worry less about whether your nose hairs are showing, and more about impressing your date.

To pick up your own Panasonic nose hair trimmer, visit and look for the ER-GN30K. With this tool, you’ll never have to worry about unwanted nose hair cameos on your next big date!