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Skin and Beard Care – How to do it right

Great beards don’t happen by accident. If you see a man whose beards looks flawless and healthy, it’s because he’s put in the time to make sure it looks that way. So far on Shave like a Pro, we’ve walked you through how to choose and style your perfect beard. We’ve taught you the tools you need to keep your beard looking professional at all times. Now there’s only one ingredient missing – the maintenance regime. We’ve broken down your weekly maintenance routine into three easy steps that will leave your beard looking amazing!

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Beard Oil

One of the most important steps in maintaining a great looking beard is making sure that it is properly oiled at all times. You’ll want to make a habit of applying beard oil every morning after you step out of the shower. Simply apply a dime sized amount of oil in your hand, rub it between your palms and finger tips and gently apply it to your beard as evenly as possible. For those who really care about getting the best possible result – consider using a brush on your beard after you’ve applied the beard oil. That way you will ensure the oils are evenly distributed.

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Comb your Beard!

The next of your daily beard care steps is combing! Brushing has several benefits – it distributes oils evenly across your beard and it helps you maintain the natural beauty of you beard by training it hang the way you want! If you brush before a shower, you will loosen up dead skin, hair and debris from your beard. This makes it easier to wash out. Remember – never use cheap plastic combs on your beard – they will damage your beard over the long run. Instead pay a little extra for a high quality wooden or metal comb with polished teeth.

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Keep it Clean

Finally, make sure you keep your beard clean! As great as beards look, they have a bad habit of getting overly oily and of picking up stray food. If you have a medium length beard or longer, you’ll want to make a habit of conditioning your beard everyday and washing your beard twice a week with a special beard wash. Specialized beard washes tend to be gentler on your skin and beard and they strip less of your natural beard oils. Avoid choosing shampoos that are heavily scented or that feature Formaldehyde and Alcohol.