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Manscaping. How DIY Grooming Saves Men Money.

Professional hair removal at home. Use Panasonic Trimmer’s for salon quality grooming.

Let’s take a moment to talk about your grooming routine. There’s a lot that goes in to looking your best. Finding the right haircut, styling the perfect beard, but what about the subtler points of men’s grooming? What about manscaping?

You may not have realized, but manscaping has become very trendy. A Panasonic survey of 5,000 European men found that over 25% of men groom their chest hair. Salon’s and barbers shops now offer hair removal for men as a basic part of their portfolio. The only problem is; having professional hair removal done can be expensive.

Luckily, Panasonic has a solution! With Panasonic’s new selection of men’s trimming products, you can get professional quality body hair removal, at home! And best of all, you can do it at a fraction of the cost.

Body zones by the numbers. Where are men grooming the most?

A Panasonic survey of 5,000 European men shows that more and more men are manscaping than ever before. However, not all areas are groomed equally. Our survey found that over 31 percent of men trim their nether regions. 28 percent groom their armpit hair and only 15 percent trim their leg hair.

Body Zones


Manscaping is here to stay. And with Panasonic’s high quality trimmers you can look your best without the cost or hassle of having to visit the salon. Now that you know the facts, there’s nothing to stop you from adding easy, efficient, and cost effective manscaping to your daily grooming routine.

To pick up your own manscaping tool, visit and check out the ER-GK60S! You won’t be disappointed with Panasonic’s ultra-sleek Slim Line Body Groomer.