ES-ST2N 3-Blade Shaver

A close and comfortable shave

Enjoy a closer, more comfortable shave with this powerful 3-blade rechargeable Panasonic shaver. The 3-blade cutting system includes precision-honed Nanotech blades with an acute 30° cutting edge to achieve a close shave. Comfortably shave any hard-to-reach areas with the multi-fit arch and floating head, or use the pop-up trimmer for detail work. An active shaving sensor automatically adjusts according to beard thickness to provide a smoother shave that’s gentle on the skin. An included carry holder and built-in travel lock switch protect the shaver for convenient storage and travel use.

Additional Conveniences

  • Travel Lock & Carry Holder – Built-in travel lock prevents accidental power turn-on when carrying the shaver.
  • Wet / Dry Convenience – Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave.
  • LED Display – LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity.
  • One-hour Charge for 50 Minute Use – Charge the shaver for 1 hour for 50 minutes of use, or use the 3-minute quick charge option when in a hurry.