ES-LL21 3-Blade Shaver

Powerful yet gentle to skin

Panasonic’s ES-LL21’s linear motor delivers premium cutting performance even on the thickest beards; whilst the shaving sensor technology takes care of your skin and minimises irritation. Panasonic ES-LL21 is the ideal tool for powerful, yet gentle to skin shaving.

Like all Panasonic trimmers, blades should be replaced when dull to ensure the best trimming performance.


Additional Conveniences

  • Washable – Waterproof design for easy and hygienic maintenance. You can rinse the shaver under running water.
  • Wet / Dry Operation – Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave.
  • Ergonomic Curve – Ergonomic designed unit enables shaving in the most natural position without placing strain on the elbow or wrist.
  • LED Display – LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity. Single charge takes one hour.