Choose the Rights Tool to Be your Own Barber

You’re three Tools away from Being your own Barber

Everyone loves a trip to the barber right? You come out looking refreshed, with your hair and beard perfectly quaffed. It’s hard to argue with the results when you leave the shop looking like a million bucks. But when it comes to trimming and styling your beard, do you really need to spend $25 dollars every time you need a trim? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve put together an easy to live by list of all the tools you need to become your own barber.

1. The right beard trimmerTrimmer Graphic

Finding the right beard trimmer is the most important step for any aspiring barber. If you’re serious about trimming and styling your beard from home, you need to invest in the right equipment. You’ll want a beard trimmer that is capable of handling everything from smoothing your cheeks, to trimming your mustache, to shaping your epic beard. This device will be your trusty side-kick, and it will be the first tool you pick up every morning – so choose well. We recommend Panasonic’s new barber style beard trimmer (ER-GB96) – it’s perfect for trimming everything from light stubble to long and luscious beards.

2. The perfect combComb Graphic

A beard comb keeps unruly hair in check. But beware: cheap plastic combs may look fine from a distance, but they can easily cause split ends – and will do damage to your beard in the long run. Instead opt for a sturdy rubber or wood comb. As a rule, combs with wide teeth are best for detangling your beard and combs with narrow teeth are great for styling and shaping. Once you’ve picked the right comb, a few strokes a day should be enough to leave your beard looking clean and tidy for the day.

3. The right beard oilBeard Oil Graphic

Aside from a good trim and brush, all you need to keep your epic beard feeling soft, smooth and scratch-free is the right beard oil. The right beard oil will moisturize your beard while simultaneously softening and taming the hair; leaving your beard looking shiny, well-groomed – but never shaggy. Choose a beard oil with eucalyptus, pine needles or cedar wood for a deep conditioning that leaves you smelling amazing! Once you’ve picked your beard oil, simple massage a few drops into your beard once or twice a day. This is the ideal end to your home barber-care routine.


Being your own barber is simple. You just have to have the right tools.