Summer Styling Tutorials

Looking for some sleek, defined hair and beard styles that you can create and maintain on your own? Pick up the ER-SB40 Precision Trimmer or the ER-SC40 Premium Hair Clipper and try out the Defined Goatee with Soul Patch, Long Stubble, or Pompadour looks.

Defined Goatee with Soul Patch

The Look: Featuring well-defined, angled lines around the mouth, this style adds a triangle-shaped soul patch to your goatee for a modern, polished look.

The Tool: ER-SB40 Precision Trimmer

The Steps: 

Long Stubble

The Look: Long stubble is perfect whether you’re going for a classy elegant look or a casual, cool style. Fading where the sideburns meet the hair and beard provides a natural finish.

The Tool: ER-SB40 Precision Trimmer

The Steps: 


The Look: The pompadour provides a masculine yet smart appearance. When hair grows just a little longer, the style is lost—so here is a fading technique you can use when you need to cut hair that has grown too long on the sides and at the nape of the neck.

The Tool: ER-SC40 Premium Hair Clipper

The Steps: 

Autumn Scene

A fall guide for the modern man

Fall is the most beautiful time of year. Whether it’s the changing of the leaves, the Halloween decorations, or the start of hockey season – there are a lot of things to be grateful for! Not the least of which is the opportunity to finally wear comfy sweaters again and to grow out your magnificent fall beard. As the fall season is now fully in swing, we’ve put together a fall guide for the modern man that brings you all the essentials you will need to sport this season like a pro.

The outfit: the streamlined parka

Fall doesn’t just have to be about hand-me down flannel or bulky pea coats. This year why not expand your horizons with a chic rain proof parka. It’s functional for rainy days and cold nights, but it doesn’t compromise on style. We recommend finding a parka with a smart, slim cut. Look for one with medium weight, weatherproof material and detachable fur trim on the hood for extra practicality.

The Drink: Bourbon Cough Syrup

Forget lattes, hot chocolate and ciders. We’ve concocted a recipe that will meet all of your chilly November night needs. Part cocktail, part fall cold remedy, our Bourbon Cough Syrup will make any chilly night feel magical. It is a simple evolution of the honey and ginger tea, and the recipe is very easy: hot water, lemon, honey and fresh ginger. But this time add a shot of bourbon!

The destination: Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is not a popular tourist destination in the fall. But somehow it makes it even better: fewer people, lower prices, but the same rough and enormous natural beauty. Sure, the nights are long. But this is the best way to see two of Iceland’s main attractions: the Northern Lights and the nightlife made famous by the incomparable Björk.

The look: the fall beard

A full beard or 3-day stubble is definitely a key part of the fall look. No matter how you wear your facial hair this season, you’ll always be perfectly styled with our Panasonic beard trimmers and shavers. Our ES-LL21K hybrid beard groomer will give you all the tools you need to craft the perfectly styled fall beard!

Hybrid Shaver Style Guide

Men’s Hybrid Shaver Style Guide

Close shave, effortless trim

OveBeard styling is becoming increasingly popular. Now there’s a new Panasonic hybrid shave designed specifically for men who want a stylish beard. A single unit enables trimming, making lines and shaving for hybrid grooming convenience. Changing your look with a variety of fashionable beard styles has never been easier.

The look:
A goatee and mustache combination is one of the most popular beard styles out there. This subtle beard style is the perfect choice for men who can grow good facial hair on their chin and mustache area, but who struggle to grow even hair on the cheeks. This style is casual and creates an air of creativity. It’s perfect for artists, hipsters and anyone who wants to look young!

Features of this style:
To pull off the goatee mustache combo, you’ll need to nail a few key steps. Firstly, trim the beard short for a clean, casual look. When grooming the goatee and mustache, try to avoid creating sharp lines – for a more natural look. Finally, cleanly shave all hair on the cheeks and neck.

The look:
For an exceptionally well groomed look, try designed stubble. The clear, sharp lines on the cheeks provide a clean cut look that is ideal for businessmen and young professionals. Whether you’re on the way to the office or off to a networking event, this look will ensure you look the part.

Features of this style:
To perfect this style, begin by trimming stray neck and cheek whiskers. This will draw more attention to the beard. Well-shaped and clean lines along the cheeks and mustache are key to this style. Make sure to leave the beard slightly long to make the lines stand out more.

The look:
The 3-day stubble look is perfect for anyone growing a beard for the first time. The best part is this simple, easy style suits anyone, so no need to worry about face shape or complexion. It’s also recommended for men with sensitive skin who want to avoid the irritation of daily shaving. !

Features of this style:
To nail this simple look, you will only need to do a few things. To maintain a clean look, keep your neck and cheeks cleanly shaven. Trim the entire beard to a uniform length in order to capture a clean-cut look. Finally, trim the beard regularly to avoid letting it grow too long.


Men’s Grooming Essentials

One thing that you shouldn’t let slide is your grooming routine. A splash of cold water and a blast of cheap aftershave just won’t cut it anymore. Paying attention to your grooming routine is one of the hallmarks of the modern gentleman. What’s more, a great grooming routine will leave you feeling amazing, sharp, smooth and perfectly put together – ready to deal with anything life throws at you.

If you’re looking to bring your grooming routine up to date, we have all the inspiration you need. We have scoured the shelves, read all the reviews and tested the best of the best to bring together our ultimate guide to grooming essentials.

Self Styling Guidebook

Men’s Self Styling Guide Book

How to Capture the Perfect Beard and Hairstyle from Home.

You don’t always need to visit a barber to capture the perfect hair and beard style. The barber is expensive, it’s time consuming, and the truth is – with the right tools and right instruction, you can do a better job yourself. That’s why we’ve put together a series of instructional videos that will teach you how to create some of the coolest summer looks from the comfort of your own bathroom. Featuring Panasonic’s versatile X-Taper Hair and Beard Trimmer, our videos break hair styling down into a few simple instructions. Simply grab your X-Taper Hair and Beard Trimmer, pick the look that’s right for you and get to work! With Panasonic’s X-Taper Hair and Beard Trimmer, being your own barber has never been so simple!

Suave: Casual Look for Stylish Men

Hair: Side Part Undercut
The side part is back! In combination with the undercut, this style looks classic and modern all at once. The geometry particularly highlights thick and wavy hair. Accentuating this cut with product is another way to enhance the suavity of the look!

Beard: Stubble
This is the slightly shorter cousin of 5 o’clock shadow, but its effect is similar: adding a bit of appealing style to the overall look!

Clothes: Casual-Formal
The difference between this style and business-casual is subtle. Instead of deriving from the corporate world, it comes from the creative mixing of your favourite casual and creative wear. No suit, no tie. Instead, combine a blazer with denim or a chino. On top, your options include t-shirts, button-downs, and knits. Accessorize to your heart’s content: leather shoes, or Chelsea boots, scarfs, gloves and glasses. Combining light and dark colours is definitely in, with white, navy, beige, brown, and pastels as favoured shades.

Creative: Stylish Hair for Modern Men

Hair: Slicked Back Undercut
In the undercut, the stop stays long while the sides and back are short. The contrast between the two layers gives this cut its daring, creative style. You can part the top, tease it rough, or just let it hang. This version is slicked back for a dashing style.

Beard: Full Beard
Projecting a relaxed mood, this style complements casual or business casual wear.

Clothes: Business Casual
There’s not need to stick to the standard polo and khakis! Business casual gives you plenty of latitude to express yourself. Combinations of shirts, sweaters, jackets, chinos, and denim are almost limitless. The only thing to avoid is anything stained, torn, too formal, or otherwise uncool – you be the judge!

Scruffy: The Perfect Look for a Night on the Town

Hair: Crew Cut
Simplicity never goes out of style. Once cut, this style is a cinch to wash and requires little to no combing. Those sporting a crew cut used to require frequent trips to the barber to keep it short and fresh – but when you have your own trimmer, you’re always looking good!

Beard: Chin Strap
The chin strap follows the jawline in a neatly trimmed “strap” of hair. Try it without or without a moustache to get the look you want.

Clothes: Rough
This is a look you make as plain or as extravagant as you please. So long as it isn’t too fancy or formal, anything can work: oversized coats, t-shirts, pullovers, bombers, black leather and dark denim jackets, jeans, and chinos. A wide range of accessories is similarly possible: work and combat boots, sneakers, bold jewelry (silver in particular), chains, gloves, scarves and sunglasses. Dark colours are great, but a bright t-shirt is always welcome.

Men Also Need Beauty Care Products

Skin and Beard Care – How to do it right

Great beards don’t happen by accident. If you see a man whose beards looks flawless and healthy, it’s because he’s put in the time to make sure it looks that way. So far on Shave like a Pro, we’ve walked you through how to choose and style your perfect beard. We’ve taught you the tools you need to keep your beard looking professional at all times. Now there’s only one ingredient missing – the maintenance regime. We’ve broken down your weekly maintenance routine into three easy steps that will leave your beard looking amazing!

Trimmer Graphic

Beard Oil

One of the most important steps in maintaining a great looking beard is making sure that it is properly oiled at all times. You’ll want to make a habit of applying beard oil every morning after you step out of the shower. Simply apply a dime sized amount of oil in your hand, rub it between your palms and finger tips and gently apply it to your beard as evenly as possible. For those who really care about getting the best possible result – consider using a brush on your beard after you’ve applied the beard oil. That way you will ensure the oils are evenly distributed.

Trimmer Graphic

Comb your Beard!

The next of your daily beard care steps is combing! Brushing has several benefits – it distributes oils evenly across your beard and it helps you maintain the natural beauty of you beard by training it hang the way you want! If you brush before a shower, you will loosen up dead skin, hair and debris from your beard. This makes it easier to wash out. Remember – never use cheap plastic combs on your beard – they will damage your beard over the long run. Instead pay a little extra for a high quality wooden or metal comb with polished teeth.

Trimmer Graphic

Keep it Clean

Finally, make sure you keep your beard clean! As great as beards look, they have a bad habit of getting overly oily and of picking up stray food. If you have a medium length beard or longer, you’ll want to make a habit of conditioning your beard everyday and washing your beard twice a week with a special beard wash. Specialized beard washes tend to be gentler on your skin and beard and they strip less of your natural beard oils. Avoid choosing shampoos that are heavily scented or that feature Formaldehyde and Alcohol.

Choose the Rights Tool to Be your Own Barber

You’re three Tools away from Being your own Barber

Everyone loves a trip to the barber right? You come out looking refreshed, with your hair and beard perfectly quaffed. It’s hard to argue with the results when you leave the shop looking like a million bucks. But when it comes to trimming and styling your beard, do you really need to spend $25 dollars every time you need a trim? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve put together an easy to live by list of all the tools you need to become your own barber.

1. The right beard trimmerTrimmer Graphic

Finding the right beard trimmer is the most important step for any aspiring barber. If you’re serious about trimming and styling your beard from home, you need to invest in the right equipment. You’ll want a beard trimmer that is capable of handling everything from smoothing your cheeks, to trimming your mustache, to shaping your epic beard. This device will be your trusty side-kick, and it will be the first tool you pick up every morning – so choose well. We recommend Panasonic’s new barber style beard trimmer (ER-GB96) – it’s perfect for trimming everything from light stubble to long and luscious beards.

2. The perfect combComb Graphic

A beard comb keeps unruly hair in check. But beware: cheap plastic combs may look fine from a distance, but they can easily cause split ends – and will do damage to your beard in the long run. Instead opt for a sturdy rubber or wood comb. As a rule, combs with wide teeth are best for detangling your beard and combs with narrow teeth are great for styling and shaping. Once you’ve picked the right comb, a few strokes a day should be enough to leave your beard looking clean and tidy for the day.

3. The right beard oilBeard Oil Graphic

Aside from a good trim and brush, all you need to keep your epic beard feeling soft, smooth and scratch-free is the right beard oil. The right beard oil will moisturize your beard while simultaneously softening and taming the hair; leaving your beard looking shiny, well-groomed – but never shaggy. Choose a beard oil with eucalyptus, pine needles or cedar wood for a deep conditioning that leaves you smelling amazing! Once you’ve picked your beard oil, simple massage a few drops into your beard once or twice a day. This is the ideal end to your home barber-care routine.


Being your own barber is simple. You just have to have the right tools.

Long Bear Main

Long Beard Styling for the Modern Man

How to Create a Stylish Long Beard

Over the past few years, we here at Panasonic have been noticing a trend towards long facial hair. More and more men are choosing to let their beard hair grow, and for good reason. A nice, long beard can be the ultimate style accessory. Facial hair can change the shape of a man’s face and completely alter how he looks in anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a three-piece suit. In short, it allows a man to be a chameleon. The only question you have to ask yourself is which style to choose. Do you want to look more sophisticated, rugged, chic? Whatever the answer, Panasonic has a few suggestions on how to groom and grow your facial hair so you can capture the look you are after!

The thick boxed beard might be one of the most popular beard styles today. Made famous by a bevy of Hollywood actors and athletes, this style conveys a dashing appearance when done right. It looks great with any carefully quiffed hairstyles – think short sides and a long top. This beard style works exceptionally well for men with square and oval face shapes. Its main advantage is its versatility, this beard style looks equally handsome when paired with a buttoned down dress shirt as it does with jeans and a polo.

This classic beard has been in style for as long as men have been wearing facial hair. From bikers to hipsters, when worn correctly, the full beard conjures an image of rugged masculinity. But beware – not only is this style the most rugged, but it is also the most difficult to pull off. No amount of styling will cover up for the fact that this beard requires thick and even growth across the board – a patchy beard simply will not due. The full beard works well on all face shapes. Pair it with medium to long hair and a leather jacket to complete the ultra-masculine look. Or wear it with a slicked back pompadour, a V-neck shirt and skinny jeans to capture the urban hipster style.

Whether you are a working professional, or a man who simply prefers the feel of a little scruff on his chin, this is the beard style for you! It’s easy to grow, a breeze to maintain and it can be very striking when matched with the right face. Men with square faces tend to pull this look off best – as the stubble accentuates strong jawlines. Wear this beard with a chic medium length hair style to get the most out of your new look. It’s great for office workers who want to show off their individual style while still looking professional for meetings, and for young men who want to add a dash of maturity and sophistication to their everyday style.

Manscaping Main

Manscaping. How DIY Grooming Saves Men Money.

Professional hair removal at home. Use Panasonic Trimmer’s for salon quality grooming.

Let’s take a moment to talk about your grooming routine. There’s a lot that goes in to looking your best. Finding the right haircut, styling the perfect beard, but what about the subtler points of men’s grooming? What about manscaping?

You may not have realized, but manscaping has become very trendy. A Panasonic survey of 5,000 European men found that over 25% of men groom their chest hair. Salon’s and barbers shops now offer hair removal for men as a basic part of their portfolio. The only problem is; having professional hair removal done can be expensive.

Luckily, Panasonic has a solution! With Panasonic’s new selection of men’s trimming products, you can get professional quality body hair removal, at home! And best of all, you can do it at a fraction of the cost.

Body zones by the numbers. Where are men grooming the most?

A Panasonic survey of 5,000 European men shows that more and more men are manscaping than ever before. However, not all areas are groomed equally. Our survey found that over 31 percent of men trim their nether regions. 28 percent groom their armpit hair and only 15 percent trim their leg hair.

Body Zones


Manscaping is here to stay. And with Panasonic’s high quality trimmers you can look your best without the cost or hassle of having to visit the salon. Now that you know the facts, there’s nothing to stop you from adding easy, efficient, and cost effective manscaping to your daily grooming routine.

To pick up your own manscaping tool, visit and check out the ER-GK60S! You won’t be disappointed with Panasonic’s ultra-sleek Slim Line Body Groomer.


Panasonic Self-Styling: Sporty

Hair: Buzz Cut

With this style, you are ready for action — on the field or off! Ultimately sleek, this cut is the perfect complement to a sporty look!

Beard: Moustache and Goatee

Carefully sculpted facial hair adds an elegant twist

Clothes: Sporty

Baseball stars have been leading the way in this style, which is characterized by understated urbanity. Combine athletic and training wear with simple jackets, t-shirts, sweat shirts, denim, and chinos. Restrained, simple hues are at the core of the look, but you won’t hit a foul ball for throwing on a shirt or accessory that pops with colour.

Hair | Buzz Cut | 5 Steps

Dividing the head into zones helps gives this cut a uniform look.

Beard | Moustache and Goatee | 5 Steps

Detailed trimming is the key to this style. No attachment, blade only.