ES-LL21 3-Blade Shaver

Powerful yet gentle to skin

Panasonic’s ES-LL21’s linear motor delivers premium cutting performance even on the thickest beards; whilst the shaving sensor technology takes care of your skin and minimises irritation. Panasonic ES-LL21 is the ideal tool for powerful, yet gentle to skin shaving.

Like all Panasonic trimmers, blades should be replaced when dull to ensure the best trimming performance.


Additional Conveniences

  • Washable – Waterproof design for easy and hygienic maintenance. You can rinse the shaver under running water.
  • Wet / Dry Operation – Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use with foam or gel for a pampering silky-smooth shave.
  • Ergonomic Curve – Ergonomic designed unit enables shaving in the most natural position without placing strain on the elbow or wrist.
  • LED Display – LED indicator displays battery charging status and remaining battery capacity. Single charge takes one hour.

ES-SL41A Milano 3-blade shaver

Arc3 & Cordless Wet/Dry Operation

The Panasonic Milano men’s 3-blade wet-dry shaver is an excellent introduction to Panasonic wet dry shavers. Packed with smart, innovative features, the ESSL41A Arc 3 is a three blade shaving system equipped with durable, ultra-sharp nanotech blades, each honed to an acute 30 degree angle to cleanly cut whiskers at the base. An included AC charging stand keeps the Panasonic Arc 3 shaver powered and ready for the next shave. The ESSL41A also comes equipped with a pop-up trimmer and includes a carrying holder for quick, convenient storage at home and for travel.

Like all Panasonic shavers for men, blades and foil should be replaced when dull. Replacement accessories: Foil (WES9087CL), Blade (WES9068C).


ES-ST25K – Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver

Panasonic men’s wet dry shavers are packed with smart, innovative, features that deliver a remarkably close and comfortable shave. The ESST25K mens electric razor is a three blade shaving system equipped with nanotech blades precision honed to an acute 30 degree angle enabling whiskers to be cut more cleanly at the root. Shaving sensor technology automatically adjusts cutting power up and down based on beard density, while curved floating blades allow the electric razor to glide uniformly over the chin and the jaw line for more efficient coverage and maximum comfort. The 13,000 cpm fast, linear motor drive eliminates the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower shaving machines and also maintains peak power right up to the end of each battery charge. A matching charging stand keeps your mens electric shaver powered up and ready for the next shave. The ESST25K comes equipped with a switch-lock button and pop-up trimmer and includes a carrying holder for travel.

Like all Panasonic men’s electric razors, blades and foil should be replaced when dull. Replacement Accessories: Foil (WES9087CL), Blade (WES9068C) .


ES-RT77S Shaver & Trimmer Combo

Outstanding Clean Cutting System

Shave and trim your stubble with Panasonic’s versatile 3-blade shaver and trimmer combo. This dual purpose shaver offers the best of the shaver and trimmer experience but without the hassle of using multiple tools. Use its Japanese blade cutting system and 30° edge blades for an incredibly close and smooth cutting shave. Or, fasten the trimmer attachment and choose from 5 length settings to trim your stubble for a more rugged look. You can even detail your moustache and sideburns with the shaver’s precision cutting pop-up trimmer. This sleek 2-in-1 shaver also features a premium stainless steel design, Li-Ion battery and blue LED display!


Additional Conveniences

  • 5 Stage LED meter – The ES-RT77’s LED indicator let’s you know when your shavers need to be charged
  • Pop-Up Trimmer – A precision pop-up trimmer allows for quick pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming
  • Long Battery Life – Charges in only an hour to provide up to 50 minutes of continuous, cordless power



Your personal wellness station

The ES-EL8A epilator offers the complete beauty care solution.

Perfectly smooth legs, well-groomed feet and healthy, clear skin: these are things every women wants. But there’s never enough time or money to visit the spa every weekend to make sure your skin is always looking as good as you want. There’s just too many obstacles keeping you away from the salon – so what’s a girl to do?

Epilation and peeling united in one device.

The Panasonic ES-EL8A epilator has a solution – and it’s simple! With our new women’s epilator the ES-EL8A, we’ve managed to combine multiple beauty care functions into one simple and easy to use product. How have we done it? Through clever technology and smart design.

Epilator Kit

Be well-groomed from head to toe.

The 6-in-1 epilator ES-EL8A is a complete beauty solution. This all-in-one unit offers skin care solutions from your head to your toes – it’s your own personal wellness station! You can use the epilator to trim, shave and epilate hairs. The epilator offers you an improved tweezing experience and an even more flexible oscillating head with a broader epilation surface. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it epilates your legs. What about a pedicure? No problem thanks to our easy to use pedicure attachment.

The already proven 2-fold epilation head system now has 60 tweezers, which have been optimized to reliably grasp every hair. If the first tweezer does not reach the hair, the second tweezer is sure to do the job – it works on hairs as small 0.5mm.

Epilator application: Great handling thanks to technical innovations.

The oscillating head can be swiveled 90 degrees and follows your natural body contours with ease. Hard to reach areas can be reached effectively. The sleek, handy design of the epilator gives you better control and agility.

Epilator on countertop

Get wellness for the home.

One of the most important steps in maintaining a great looking beard is making sure that it is properly oiled at all times. You’ll want to make a habit of applying beard oil every morning after you step out of the shower. Simply apply a dime sized amount of oil in your hand, rub it between your palms and finger tips and gently apply it to your beard as evenly as possible. For those who really care about getting the best possible result – consider using a brush on your beard after you’ve applied the beard oil. That way you will ensure the oils are evenly distributed.

Our all-rounder transforms your bathroom into a wellness temple – except that you do not need a whole wellness weekend here to relax and get great results. The 6-in-1 epilator ES-EL8A is an ideal beauty companion.


ES-EL8A – Rose Gold Epilator with 9 piece kit

Let’s make this quick. Panasonic’s new wet / dry epilators have been re-designed to be 30% wider*, with double disc precision tweezers and a 90° pivoting head. So you can spend less time on hair removal, and more time doing what you love!

Featuring an epilation Head for Legs / Arms, a Gentle Cap, Shaver Head with Pop-up Trimmer, Bikini Comb, Epilation Head for Underarms / Bikini Line and a Foot Care Head. This epilator promises the total beauty care solution.

* Compared to the conventional ED series.


Additional Conveniences

  • Speedy Epilation – A new high power mode has been added allowing for quicker hair removal.
  • LED Light – An LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas like the underarms and the bottoms of your feet. This allows you to see better during personal care.
  • Cordless Operation – Offers a full 1 hour charge will last for up to 30 minutes of cordless operation.
  • Slim Grip Design – The new ergonomic design makes the handle easy to grip and easy to reach hard-to-get-at areas of the body.

ES-LV9Q – 5-Blade Shaver with 5D Pivoting Head

Introducing Panasonic’s most advanced shaver yet, the ES-LV9Q is a next generation shaver for the distinguished gentleman, who loves having a smooth, clean shave everyday. Featuring 5 ultra precise shaving blades, a highly responsive 5D pivoting head and a powerful 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, the ES-lV9Q provides supreme closeness and unbeatable results.

Infused with advanced sensor technology, the ES-LV9Q is Panasonic’s smartest shaver to date. It features a bio-metric controlled safety lock that only respondes to human touch, and advanced beard sensor technology that automatically detects your stubbles thickness and adjusts mid-shave. This ultra-smart shaver will provide you the smooth cutting shave you deserve.

Like all Panasonic shavers, blades should be replaced when dull to ensure the best shaving performance.

ES-LV9Q kit

Additional Conveniences

  • Multi-LED Indicator – The ES-LV9Q’s LED indicator let’s you know when your shavers need to be charged
  • Pop-Up Trimmer – A precision pop-up trimmer allows for quick pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming
  • Long Battery Life – Feauturing 45 minutes of cordless usage on one hour of charge time.


Arc5 Shaver

ES-LV95S – Arc5 Shaver with Cleaning & Charging Station

Enjoy a close, comfortable shave every time with the cordless, premium-tier ES-LV95 Arc5 shaver — Panasonic’s most advanced men’s electric razor system to date. Its features include five precision-honed, ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic Nanotech blades, a high-efficiency 14,000 cpm linear-drive men razor motor, Arc 5 Multi-Flex quick-pivoting shaving head and active shaving sensor to detect different beard densities as you shave and adjust cutting power where needed, for the ultimate in smooth, even and comfortable results.

The sleek, masculine Arc5 shaving machine fits naturally in your hand for maximum comfort and control, and an illuminated LCD shows beard shaver functions. This exceptional Panasonic Arc 5 wet/dry shaver can be used for a quick, dry shave any time, or over the sink or in the shower with shaving foam or gel. A precision pop-up shaving trimmer built into the Arc 5 cordless razor body adds the perfect finish and details, and the entire electric razor rinses clean under running water using sonic vibration cleaning mode. To keep the Arc5 shaver in pristine condition, a clean and charge station is included to clean, dry and charge the men’s razor automatically. For shaving away from home, the universal voltage Panasonic Arc 5 also comes with a safety lock and travel pouch.

Like all Panasonic electric razors for men, blades and foil should be replacement when dull for the best electric razors for men performance. The ES-LV95-S men electric shaver replacement accessories include: WES9023P (Blade and Foil Combo), WES9173P (Foil), WES9170P (Blade) and WES4L03 (3 Pack-Liquid Detergent Packet).


What’s in the ES-LV95 box?

  • ES-LV95-S Arc5 Men’s Electric Shaver
  • Automatic Clean and Charge Station for Panasonic wet dry shavers
  • Cordless Razor AC Recharger
  • Travel Pouch for rechargeable razor
  • Shaver Machine Detergent Cartridge Cordless Shaver Clean and Charge Station