Autumn Scene

A fall guide for the modern man

Fall is the most beautiful time of year. Whether it’s the changing of the leaves, the Halloween decorations, or the start of hockey season – there are a lot of things to be grateful for! Not the least of which is the opportunity to finally wear comfy sweaters again and to grow out your magnificent fall beard. As the fall season is now fully in swing, we’ve put together a fall guide for the modern man that brings you all the essentials you will need to sport this season like a pro.

The outfit: the streamlined parka

Fall doesn’t just have to be about hand-me down flannel or bulky pea coats. This year why not expand your horizons with a chic rain proof parka. It’s functional for rainy days and cold nights, but it doesn’t compromise on style. We recommend finding a parka with a smart, slim cut. Look for one with medium weight, weatherproof material and detachable fur trim on the hood for extra practicality.

The Drink: Bourbon Cough Syrup

Forget lattes, hot chocolate and ciders. We’ve concocted a recipe that will meet all of your chilly November night needs. Part cocktail, part fall cold remedy, our Bourbon Cough Syrup will make any chilly night feel magical. It is a simple evolution of the honey and ginger tea, and the recipe is very easy: hot water, lemon, honey and fresh ginger. But this time add a shot of bourbon!

The destination: Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is not a popular tourist destination in the fall. But somehow it makes it even better: fewer people, lower prices, but the same rough and enormous natural beauty. Sure, the nights are long. But this is the best way to see two of Iceland’s main attractions: the Northern Lights and the nightlife made famous by the incomparable Björk.

The look: the fall beard

A full beard or 3-day stubble is definitely a key part of the fall look. No matter how you wear your facial hair this season, you’ll always be perfectly styled with our Panasonic beard trimmers and shavers. Our ES-LL21K hybrid beard groomer will give you all the tools you need to craft the perfectly styled fall beard!